Arthur and I would like to thank the following people and institutions for donating their time and information for this project.
Person or Institution
Frederic R. Sullivan
(my grandfather)
organized Arthur's show in 1963.
Terrance Frederic Sullivan
(my father)
giving me an appreciation for the arts.
Daniel Sullivan
(my uncle)
assisting me with research and writing.
Patricia Jane Sullivan
(my mother)
supporting my efforts for 30 years.
Natalee Palmer
Carnegie Museum of art
Micro films and documentation.
Rebecca Davis
Butler Institute of American Art
images and documentation.
Brigitta Bond
James A. Michener Art Museum
Exhibition documents.
Wayne Motts
Cumberland County Historical Society
Exhibition documents.
Peter Lundberg
Janus Galleries
images, documentation ,and guidance.
Deborah Winkler
images, documentation ,and contacts.
Milt Friedly, Nelson Bard
Elizabethtown College
images and documentation.
Dominique Mayens
images and documentation.
Doug Evans
Westmoreland Museum of American Art
images and documentation.
Panoramic of the 1915 Exposition.

If anyone has information about this American Impressionist please contact